Mobile Friendly Website and it’s importance in Google search results 2018

Mobile Friendly Website and Google Importance 2018

On April 21, 2015 Google released a new mobile friendly ranking algorithm which is known as Mobilegeddon and according to that Google Search expanded its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal & that’s designed to boost up the mobile-friendly  web pages in Google search results of mobile.

In the current era almost every other person is using a mobile even as a consumer or being professional and it shouldn’t be really considered as ‘trend’ today. It should be a necessity. According to a recent research 80% of the users are browsing the website throughout the mobile and if you are the one who have non mobile-friendly website so it should be cause of revenue loss.

You need to optimize your site for mobile(if your website is not mobile-friendly till now) it needs to be done in 2018. No excuses.

How to test if your website is mobile-friendly?

One of the best ways to test your website either your website is mobile-friendly or not is to test with Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

How do I make a  mobile-friendly website?

A mobile-friendly website is a website that would designed to would to display it on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Mobile-Friendly website would be divided in to two types of design i.e Responsive web design (RWD) or Adaptive web design (AWD)

Differentiate between Responsive and Adaptive web design

Responsive web design (RWD) refers to a type of web design which responds to the device and size of the display screen it’s being considered on. Ever you tried to resize your browser through the bottom end of your browser? If not, you can try it now as being a responsive website design a website responds to every screen size without loading it on particular screen sizes.

Adaptive web design (AWD) on the other hand, is a type of web design which is designed separately for multiple screen sizes. According to Wikipedia: 

Adaptive web design (AWD) promotes the creation of multiple versions of a web page to better fit the user’s device, as opposed to a single version that other web design techniques use. Adaptive web design encompasses a range of other strategies that can be combined with responsive web design

How do I get started?

Design and Build yourself:

First option, is to design and build your own website yourself. If you don’t have knowledge to it there are many and many tutorials available on to get yourself enrolled.

Design and Build yourself

Bought a Ready Made Mobile-Friendly Theme for your website:

Second Option, is to go with a ready made theme for your website which you can easily bought from Themeforest

Ready Made Responsive Template

Hire an Expert:

The Final Option, is to hire an expert to help you design and build your mobile-friendly website and here at ItWebAgency we offer multiple solutions so you can contact us today.

Hire an Expert

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