Page speed and their effects on search engine

What is Page speed and how it effects on Search Engine?

Page speed refers to the time it takes to load the website page properly with all it contents.

In 2010, Google made an announcement that from now onwards web page speed might effect your website ranking. That announcement basically refers to the time a visitor need to wait until your page is properly loaded. Google’s present day research shows us that the chance of a bounce increases 32% whilst the page load time goes from 1s to 3s. 1s to 5s will increase the chance to 90% and whereas 10s to load, the chance increases to 123%. That’s ridiculous. 

When your website page speed is low and if it take 5s to 10s to load a webpage a visitor will just close your web page and browse through another website of which page load performance is fast and you’ll lost the revenues. 

Major Factors which lower down the webpage speed

If your site is also the one with low rankings so definitely it should be pagespeed. Below are the major factors which can lower down your page speed:

  • Your Website Host
  • Large Images
  • Unoptimized Media/Code
  • Bad Coding Techniques
  • More Plugins etc. 

How to check your website speed?

If you want to check your website scores there are several website to check pagespeed score.

On the top its

Google Page Speed insights





How to speed up your website?

Once you check the score of your website by adding your website URL on pagespeed test page than you will notice that your website is either fast or you’re the one which is having a low scorer website. 

You can check the guide by these tools and work accordingly to make it good at page speed or if you want an expert to speed up your website so pick up the right person and contact us today

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