Please read the text below containing the terms and condition which would apply on all the clients who do purchase of products or pay for the Web development service. We suspect that you read and agree the terms and conditions.

1. Acceptance

All quotes and ETA would based on your project requirements and once the quote/eta is finalized, ItWebAgency will sent you an invoice and it would expire in the timeframe of 30 days and after 30 days if you ask us to send you invoice again, we reserve the rights to alter quote/eta after expiration.

Client should ensure the details before asking for quote and after receiving invoice Client should ask if there is anything not included in the invoice which is the part of the project, cuz if there isn't anything included in the invoice, it is not a part of the project.

Additional requirements requested by the client that is not specified in the agreed quotation is a subject to an additional quotation. If the requested work is the part of the project then it may effect timescale and overall delivery time of the project.

2. Payment Terms

Prices are subject to change without notice after expiry.

All type of web development service may require an advance payment of 33.33% and in the mid of the project it may require another payment of 33.33% and the rest of the project quotation total due upon completion of the project, prior to upload to the server and release of materials.

All invoice must be paid with in a timeframe of 29 days of the invoice date, after 29 days of the invoice date, the invoice may expire and ItWebAgency have rights to alter charges after expiry of the invoice.

You should keep a copy of the invoice either a printed copy or a pdf which you can save somewhere in your important records to avoid confusions if raised.

ItWebAgency reserves the right to remove it's work for the client from the Internet if the invoice is not cleared and payment is not recieved.

3. Required Materials

In order to start with the work you should have to provide us the materials which are necessary to complete the work according to the agreed specification. Such materials may include logo, photos and content for the webpage which may not limited to those as these are based on projects specification. Any delays in providing the required materials which may lead to delay in overall delivery of the project, ItWebAgency reserves the rights to increase the previously agreed deadline by a fair ammount.

If you fail to provide any material which is the part of the project or you want us to manage that ourself afterwards so ItWebAgency have rights to send you invoice for that part/parts which we managed ourself.

4. Further Expenses

Client would agree to compensate for any further expenses which are necessary for the completion of the project. For e.g Purchasing of stock images, paid fonts etc.

5. Project Delays

Sometimes unavailabilty of client are the main reasons in delays of projects as if you'll answer any necessary question with in 2 working days so hopefully there won't be delays. If you have some extra requirements which you let us know afterwards i.e at completion or starting of the project so that may increase the timeframe and may cause the delay.

6. Browsers Compatibility and Standards

ItWebAgency are responsible and assure as if we make a complete website for you from scratch, so that code would be friendly across the browsers and it would compatible across various browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firfox, Edge and latest version of Internet Explorer.

ItWebAgency assure and make test of our code and it will be according to W3C Standard, If the client uses any platform like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Magento etc. so we can't gurantee the code to match W3C standards.

7. Search Engines

ItWebAgency put the efforts to do basic SEO optimization of your website according to the current practise, but we can't gurantee to make a specific positions in search engines.

8. Domain and Web Hosting

ItWebAgency may provide domain and hosting, if it is a part of the project and mentioned in invoice. If it is not mentioned so we are not responsible to provide you domain and hosting along with the work.

9. Changes in Terms and Conditions:

ItWebAgency reserves the right to change these conditions periodically without notice and your remain use of this site will imply your acceptance of any alteration in these. Changes of the conditions will be published at this page.